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Personal Information Protection Statement

Personal Information Protection and Management Policy Statement of Fountain Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

We value the corporate social responsibility, uphold the principles of business management, we protect the personal information of our customers, we take actions for management measures. We have issued this notice in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act and the protection of the rights of the parties to the personal data provider, to reduce the impact that any infringement may have, and to continue to operate and improve the personal information management system.

Our personal information management policy statement is as follows:

  1. We only collect personal information within the necessary scope for legal purpose.
  2. We collect minimum demand profiles for legitimate purposes, and will not handle too much personal information.
  3. We provide clear information on how the party's personal information is used;
  4. We collect personal information appropriately and handle the relevant processing properly for specific purposes;
  5. We handle personal information in accordance with statutory purposes and procedures
  6. We create and maintain a category list of the personal information our company handled.
  7. We updated personal information when necessary to maintain the accuracy of the data.
  8. The personal data we collected will be kept in accordance with the law or for a specific purpose legally;
  9. We respect the parties to exercise their enforcement of rights of their personal information, including access to their personal data
  10. We ensure the safety of all personal information;
  11. After the evaluation and approval by our personal information management team to ensure that all personal information is fully protected, the company may transfer the personal data obtained directly or indirectly to the group of the company.
  12. When personal data is applied to the exceptions allowed by the Personal Data Protection Act, the appropriateness and legitimacy of its use should be ensured;
  13. Build and implement a personal data management system to enable the implementation of personal data protection policies;
  14. We identify the extent to which internal and external stakeholders are involved in the company's personal data management system appropriately;
  15. In the operation of the personal data management system, the responsibilities and obligations of employees are clearly defined.
The promulgation of this statement clearly declares that the company attaches great importance to the management of personal data. All employees should have a clear understanding of the contents of this statement, to maintain the security of all personal data and to achieve sustainable development of the company. If there should be any questions about our personal information management, please contact us.